¿Cómo ayudar a tu perro a estar tranquilo durante las tormentas?

  1. ¡Ayúdale a estar tranquilo! Prueba el chaleco relajante ThunderShirt

    • ¡Las tormentas pueden ser impredescibles! ThunderShirt es tu aliado perfecto para ayudarle a sentirse relajado de forma inmediata.
    • Ya ha ayudado a millones de perros y ha sido efectivo en el 80% de los casos.
    • ThunderShirt proporciona un método respetuoso, ejerciendo una presión suave y constante sobre su cuerpo para ayudar a reducir su ansiedad.
    • Recomendado por Educadores Caninos.
  2. Crea una zona segura

    • Intenta encontrar la habitación más insonorizada de tu casa.
    • Coloca la cama de tu perro en esta habitación y trae ropa que huela a ti para brindarle comodidad.
    • ¡Coloca juguetes y golosinas, o cualquier otra cosa que le guste a tu perro en la habitación!
    • Reproduce una lista de Música Relajante para Perros
  3. Proporciónale distracciones divertidas y sabrosas

    • Si puedes distraer a tu perro de los ruidos fuertes a través de un juego, masticar o pasar un buen rato puede ayudar a que su perro se sienta cómodo. Tu presencia tranquilizará a tu perro.

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Chaleco relajante para cuando se avecina tormentas


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Cómo ThunderShirt ha ayudado a Luna

Luna tenía muchas dificultades durante sus paseos así que decidí comprarle un chaleco ThunderShirt.¡Eso realmente mejoró su experiencia al caminar y su vida en general! Mi nombre...
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Chaleco relajante ThunderShirt

Recommendations from the experts to help your dog with thunderstorms

Storms can be unpredictable (especially in the UK!) and sporadic.  Dogs have special senses and may start to worry and sense a storm way before we even do.

There is nothing worse than seeing your sweet fur-baby pace, pant and shake during these loud noises. You can help comfort and calm your dog when they experience a fear of loud noises. Are you ready to turn terror into tranquillity, and nervousness into a nap? Join millions of other families who are wrapping their dogs with love with ThunderShirt.

Is my dog afraid of storms? What does it look like?

Behaviourists and dog trainers explain that the signs of stress are varied. Some of them are obvious: shaking during a storm, hiding during fireworks, destroying the house when left alone. Some are not-at-all obvious and often misunderstood. Did you know that yawning, lip-licking and even tail-wagging are common signs of stress too?

How can ThunderShirt help my dog with loud and stormy weather?

Wearing a thunder jacket for dog can aid in alleviating general anxiety. Loud noises like storms can be very stressful for some dogs.

No training is needed to use this calming vest, just follow the instructions.

The N°1 calming wrap in the US can provide an immediate effect to relax your dog.

It works thanks to the soft and constant pressure of the shirt on your dog's bidy, like swaddling an infant.

How to create a calm and safe place in your home for your dog?

If you have a sound machine / white noise machine, turn it on to try and drown out some of the thunder claps - turning on the TV can help too!

Choose the place your dog spend time to rest or relax.

Our Dog Trainer Expert suggests to give them treats and toys, also a blanket that smells like you to be even more at ease.

Continue to be your dog best friend

When the thunder rumbles, you need to keep your dog indoor.

it is important we still try to do our part to prepare in advance when we can and do our best to reduce the amount of stress they may feel during this time.

The trainer's tip: be yourself a calm presence for your dog.

Consult a professional

If none of the above completely calms your dog, and he or she still seems very distressed during storms, contact your accredited dog trainer or your veterinarian for additional assistance. They could suggest to try desensitization to loud noises or another support.